Saturday, May 29, 2010

saturday news

here's a few bits of news from the past 24 hours...

When I am pregnant, I tend to grow extra "baby hairs" on my forehead. I got tired of looking at them, so I cut myself some little bangs last night. I am pretty happy with them! They blend in with my hair, and aren't that noticeable when swept to the side. And they hide the baby wisps of hair....

and here's an idea of what they look like if i try to push them over to the other side. (disclaimer - it was really humid when i took this photo = crazy frizzy hair. I need to practice styling them...)

My sweet friend Susanna and I got up early today and went garage sale shopping! One of my favorite things to do! We had a great time laughing and finding deals. I found some cute maternity shorts too that actually fit!

And last thing to share - I had my MOST EMBARRASSING moment today. On our way back home, we ran by the post office so I could mail an international package for my shop. I was wearing a maternity skirt that was too big around the waist. As I ran out the door and to Susanna's car, my skirt fell off - to my knees - in one second flat! I was standing in front of the post office in my underwear! I am dead serious.... It was unbelievable. I am still a little bit shaken from the experience. It was like a bad dream. I quickly pulled my skirt back up and raced to the car and slammed the door. Can you believe that?!!!

Here's a belly shot from this morning. (I have changed into my new maternity shorts and took that dreaded skirt off - I'm not wearing that one for a long time! - haha)

belly shot - 17 weeks (see ruth and joseph trying to get out the front door? :) )

Have a great weekend!



  1. Oh Lora!!! I'm sorry for you but that is hysterical! Were there people around and what did your friend say????!!!! Thank you for sharing that with us though~
    I'm sure if anyone saw they just gasped and felt badly for you...I know I would have!

  2. Lora! YOu have such a light-hearted personality, I know that moment will forever be a funny "i can't believe that happened" kind of moment! i would have mortified too, though. Youre a trooper!! As for your bangs, they look fantastic. Good job, friend!

  3. Love the bangs~You look gorgeous!

    Your skirt story is hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle. I just wore a pair of maternity pants that are a little too big for me. I might have to reconsider wearing them now that I know what could happen☺

  4. You are too funny. I am so sorry that happened to you. Seems like you took it so well, though!

    I get the pregnancy wisps too! I actually didn't know I was pregnant this time and I started to get them and then that clued me in! I seem to get them right away! Pregnancies bring out such random side effects :) I love your bangs. They look so good.

  5. Diane5:26 PM

    Lora.....what a good sport you are ! ! There was probably a time when you would have almost died to have that happen. Funny how time and a little aging can soften our approach to life's experiences. Love ya......Diane

  6. LOL! Your belly is wonderful :)



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