Sunday, March 7, 2010

simple things sunday

One of my favorite simple things is the soft glow that comes from the little white twinkle lights that I have strung up in my screened-in porch!

And now, that the weather is warming up, I am so looking forward to spending time in that porch, gazing at those little white lights. My husband strung some up on that porch for my birthday a few years ago. Those lights have since burned out. But, to my delight, my dad sent me a new strand in the mail last week! What a great surprise!

I love rocking in the antique glider covered with an amazing vintage polyester quilt. I love being still and enjoying the nice weather. Most of all, I love the peace that I get when I sit out there in that little porch. And believe me, those lights sure help set the mood!

Look at that midnight blue night sky!

Leo and Lester peeking outside

And this is what happens when I try to take a picture of myself in the twinkling lights...
Pretty cool, huh?
Have a great night, everyone!


  1. hi! i found your blog by clicking on a link that took me to others that like "waking ned devine"...and here you are!

    what a lovely blog. i wish i had a little porch for twinkle lights. yours seems oh so magical.

  2. We love to think of you sitting on the porch under your twinkling white lights. Be still and rest in the knowledge of your Heavenly Father's presence.
    Mom and Dad

  3. Diane1:38 PM

    I love that back porch and I know that it is dear to you and Clint. My prayer is that the two of you may have the time to sit in that glider and "glide".....beautiful photos ! ! ! Love you, Diane



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