Tuesday, March 9, 2010

prayers of the saints

I made a new necklace the other day with one of the antique skeleton keys that my father-in-law got for me a few months back. I've only got a couple left! I've gotta go antique shopping soon to replenish my stash. (one of my favorite things to do!)

Prayers of the Saints Necklace

While I was making this one, I kept thinking about smoke and incense. The colors in the key, the gunmetal chain, and the gray and black beads reminded me of smoke. As I was thinking about the smoke and incense, I was reminded of an old worship song by Matt Redman called "Prayers of the Saints". The lyrics to the song are taken from Revelation 8:4

I love the patina in this old key.

(This chain is extra long, which I love because you can easily slip it over your head. And isn't my new shirt cute? I got it this past weekend at the mall. My hubby gave me a few hours out alone & some shopping money, too. I love that man.)


"The smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of the saints, went up before God from the angel's hand." Revelation 8:4

What an awesome image! I personally love to burn incense. I love the watch the thin line of smoke lift up into the air and spread throughout my house. It looks so cool! (And the whole house is permeated with the strong fragrance). How awesome that that is what our prayers do in the spiritual realm. They fill the air and their fragrance is spread throughout the atmosphere around us! And most of all, the sweet smelling incense of our prayers goes all the way up to our God and fills His nostrils. And He is pleased!! How awesome that He hears our prayers and they smell sweet to Him as well!

Have a blessed evening,


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