Monday, February 15, 2010

leo's little friend

A few days ago, our cat, Lester (named after Lester Flat, the old-timey bluegrass singer) had a seizure. It was awful to watch, and it left me feeling pretty shaken for a good hour or two afterwards. He seems to be fine now, and the vet said that one isolated seizure is usually nothing to worry about. Going through that, though, definitely left me with a greater appreciation and love for Lester. With four kiddos around, the cat usually gets left in the dust and neglected a lot. But he really is a blessing and a great little friend to the kids.

We've all been battling sickness for the past week. Yesterday, Leo was hit pretty hard and I sent him to the couch to rest, all bundled up in a hat, fuzzy slippers, and his coat. A little while later, Clint called me over to see this adorable scene.

Lester had come to comfort Leo and cuddle with him! So cute!!

Watching the two of them together reminded me of when we first got Lester. I was very pregnant with Leo (about 8 or 9 months!), and Clint brought me outside to the front of the house one afternoon. There, in the bushes was a tiny kitten about eight weeks old. He was so sweet and helpless. We took pity on him, and the rest is history. It seemed kind of dumb to take in an extra animal right before we were about to have a baby and considering the fact that we already had another cat and a dog at the time, too. But Lester melted our hearts.

I'm so glad that we kept that little kitten! He and Leo have grown up together, and look at them now! Such good friends.

All nestled in between the blankets

So we are praying extra hard to get well. I am ready to have a healthy household again!

Have a blessed Monday!



  1. So sweet! We had a cat and I had to get rid of him after I had Noah b/c I would forget to feed him. He now lives w/ my friend, so when they kids play w/ their friends, they also play w/ Moses. Also, we had a dog a long time ago that had frequent seizures. It was hard when she had them, but she was fine. It does make you want to cuddle w/ them more.

  2. That is a picture to treasure!! Hope you all are feeling better!

  3. Poor little Lester! I feel that way about our dog, too-- he is definitely third (or fourth or fifth :) fiddle around here, but he makes our family complete, you know?
    Thanks for the comments on the bedside table, too- great idea! We redid our dining room furniture w/ a can of black paint and some sand paper. Maybe I'll work up the initiative to find a little table, now... :-)

  4. Diane7:44 PM

    How special ! ! God's blessings often come so quietly...snowflakes drifting down from the sky...a special kitty sensing that his buddy needs him by his side. Love, Diane

  5. I love that snuggling is an inter-species pastime! We have five dogs at the moment and I try to make a little snuggle time for them every day, because I know they literally live for those moments. Yay for snuggle therapy!



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