Saturday, February 27, 2010


Warning - today's post might be a little incoherent. I am operating on very little sleep.

My hubby went out of town yesterday for a couple days. I was looking forward to a quiet weekend at home with the kiddos. To my surprise, things did not go as I had planned.
My three oldest children came down with a nasty stomach bug shortly after we dropped daddy off at the airport. The past 24 hours have not been easy for me. I feel like I deserve a Mommy Medal or something!
Anyway, yesterday, when the little ones were napping, I made a couple new necklaces. Here's the story of one of them. I think it totally applies to what I've been through over the past day or so.

("I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that dwelt first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, dwells in you." II Timothy 1:5)
As I was working the wire loops around these very old buttons (from the 40s or 50s), I couldn't help but think of the woman who originally had them so many years ago. I thought about all the strong women of God who've come before me. I thought about what they had to go through as wives and mothers. I thought about how much harder it must have been for them without all the modern conveniences we have today.
It comforted me to know that my mother, grandmother, and many other ancestors throughout the years have been through what I am going through. I am sure they spent many a sleepless night caring for little ones with stomach bugs, doing massive amounts of laundry, rocking a feverish child to ease the pain, and scrambling around at 5:30pm trying to cook dinner, clean the house, and calm the kiddos down before Daddy got home....
But more importantly, it comforted me to know that these women before me have carried with them a legacy. A legacy of prayer. A legacy of faith. A legacy of dependency on God, in all things.
So, as I got up and out of bed for what seemed like the 15th time last night around 4am, I took a moment and tried to connect with the Lord. In my tears and exhaustion, in my helplessness, in my feelings of utter inadequacy as a mother, I cried out to God.
And in my brokenness, He whispered to me so gently and so full of love,
"When you clean up after your little ones, it pleases My heart."
I knew in that instant that every time I care "for the least of these", I am caring for Him. I am serving Him. I am loving Him. I am worshiping Him.

By choosing to love and serve my children, even when it's not fun, I am leaving a legacy for those that will come after me. I am showing them that a mommy doesn't have to be perfect to be good. My kiddos will remember the care and compassion I showed them. That's what's important.

Here's a picture of me modeling this Legacy Necklace for my shop. I like how the vintage chain is tarnished a little in a few spots. It reminds me that it's OK if I'm not perfect. It's OK if I mess up.
If I was perfect, I wouldn't need saving. I wouldn't need grace.
So, I carry on. I put one tired foot in front of the other. I say to myself, "You can do this, Lora."
And miraculously, I do!


  1. NatalieY.1:47 PM

    Lora! I am so sorry your family got another sickness, AGAIN! That is crazy!! I will be praying for you!!! You are an amazing mother... and your children are very, very, very blessed to have been given to you! The Lord definitely knew what he was, and is, doing!! BLESSINGS to you!

  2. I don't know you, but I know how you feel- and it's not only your children who are blessed by you Thanks for your encouraging words. It's good to be reminded of our ministry as mothers, and how great and responsible our task is- especially on THOSE days! God bless you!



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