Monday, February 22, 2010

drawstring pouch with bird applique

When a customer buys something from my etsy shop, I really love to go the extra mile in packing it up. I want them to feel like they are opening up a little present! I know I love to walk out to the mailbox and discover a pretty package inside! There's just nothing like that. So much fun!

Remember the "Birds of the Air Necklace" that I blogged about last Friday? Well, I sold it about 18 hours after I listed it! So, today, I decided to sew up a little jewelry pouch to put it in. I used one of my favorite vintage fabrics featuring a wonderful retro tree print. And then, I appliqued a little blue bird on the front. The pouch was finished off with some lovely powder blue vintage lace. I hope the woman that bought the necklace loves it!

here's the necklace all ready to be put inside the birdie pouch

all cinched up and ready to go
(I wrapped the necklace in bubble wrap and then wrapped that in white tissue paper)

isn't that vintage powder blue lace beautiful?!

all packed up in a little manila envelope

and the finishing touch - some fun stamps on the back of the package

I thought y'all might want to see how I wrap up my etsy packages! I know that a lot of my blog readers have etsy shops of their own. I love to see how other sellers package their things as well. I really think going the extra mile when it comes to this aspect of selling your product goes a LONG WAY. It doesn't take that much extra time and effort, but it makes such a difference! And what a wonderful way to bless someone else! I wish I could see my customers' faces when they open their packages. I'd love to see their smiles!!
How do you like to pack up your packages? Or if you don't have a shop, I'd love to know what special touches you do when you send a gift in the mail to a friend or relative!
Have a blessed Monday!


  1. Thats one of the lovely things about shopping on Etsy, the care and attention to every detail! sweet post!

  2. love love love it! so cute. you're amazing!

  3. Good post! I need to really brainstorm how to wrap my stuff, stamps on the package are a great idea!

  4. Lora, the pouch is adorable and I am sure every one of your customers feels extra special because of the care you take! Thank you for sharing! Always an inspiration!

  5. Diane9:46 PM

    Now that is going the extra mile, if you ask me. That alone should inspire more sales. A very special touch...sometimes it is the little things that count most.
    Love, Diane

  6. So cute and perfect!!

  7. What a nice touch! I don't do quite as much as you do to make your packages special (though I probably should), but I do try to include a hand written thank you note.

  8. So creative. I don't have an Etsy shop, but maybe someday. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  9. That's my necklace coming to me!!
    It totally caught my eye and I just said I had to have it.

    Our Bible study was just in Matthew and that verse spoke to me.

    I love the turquiose bead too.

    I was going to wear an outfit earlier in the week but decided not to because the necklace would look perfect with it.

    I can't wait to get my mail!

    Thanks you so much!

    ps I love the Adornment Necklace too! I was tempted (and still am) to purchase it. My ladies group is doing a study out of Isaiah and I love pearls. (Maybe after Friday's paycheck it will be sold too!)

  10. Such a great idea! That definitely makes getting a package so much more exciting.



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