Sunday, January 31, 2010

simple things sunday

We're snowed in this morning. Icy roads and snowy beauty all around me. I took a little walk in my backyard with my camera to see what lovely simple things I could find. It didn't take long! Everything seems to look prettier when its surrounded by gleaming white snow.

A little blue jay (I think) perched in a leafless tree in my backyard. The blue on its head was so vibrant against the stark white backdrop.

Snow covered logs in the woodpile. I love how the blades of grass poke through the snow.

And my favorite simple thing of today:
*the bright morning sun shining down on me from above*
I love this picture, how the sun illuminates all the details of these winter tree branches. They even seem to appreciate the sun's warmth as well! And I think the best part is that you can see the little buds beginning to form on the ends of the branches.
Ahh.. the promise of spring!
Do you feel like you are in a season of winter in your life right now?
Are your branches bare? Do you feel dry and lifeless?
Remember that your season of spring is coming!
The seasons in nature are a symbol of the seasons in the life God has given us. Thank you, God, that hard times only last for a season, and then the joyous times of spring come!
Help me to praise You, Lord, in all seasons.
Enjoy your Sunday,

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  1. i would like to join you for simple things sunday. do you mind? i love this idea of celebrating and appreciating the little things God has provided.



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