Sunday, January 24, 2010

simple things sunday

A baby's hand - such a simple thing, but so full of promise and possibility!

As I photographed Joseph's hands this morning, I realized how beautiful they are. So expressive already at such a young age. I said a prayer for his hands that they would stay pure and be used to do great things for the world. I prayed that God would use Joseph's hands to bring His healing touch to many people throughout his lifetime.
I imagined holding Joseph's hands in mine as we dance together on his wedding day. And I thought about how one day he will hold his own child, and marvel, like I did this morning, at the wonder and beauty of such a small, simple thing: a little hand.




  1. Diane7:39 PM

    What beautiful thoughts and precious little hand photos ! ! I don't know how old the green rocking chair is but I know that my grandmother sat in it and probably rocked her babies and maybe had thoughts and prayers similar to yours about her children. Love, Diane

  2. i miss these little hands~! such a cute little munchkin.

  3. what a beautiful post. thanks for sharing his hands and your prayers.

  4. so sweet! I took lots of closeups of my boy when he was a baby - they're in a set here: In case you like looking at people's babies like I do. :)



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