Sunday, January 17, 2010

simple things sunday

One of my favorite "simple things" is a pretty vintage mug. I found this one yesterday at a thrift store for a dollar. I love it!

Fill it with some steaming hot Cafe Francais and I'm happy as a clam!

These photos are of my breakfast time this morning at my kitchen table:

Yummy flavored coffee in my "new" mug and buttered toast with strawberry jam, resting on a fantastically retro cloth napkin from the 70s.

And a little time in the Word to focus me for the day. My dad gave me this Bible fourteen years ago, and it still remains my favorite. I love reading all the comments I've written in the margins. Like the one I read today, "live with wisdom". It doesn't get any simpler than that (or more profound)

So often, I let my morning time become sitting at the computer, bleary eyed, checking my email. Help me, Lord, to set aside those first moments of wakefulness for YOU.

A very simple thing to do, but oh, what a world of difference it makes!!



  1. My day always goes smoother and I accomplish more when I start with God. 'Live with wisdom', yes, words of life.

  2. Reading God's Word first thing in the morning is a wonderful habit to develop. I had to cup of Cafe Francais is right there beside my Bible, too.

  3. A simple but most refreshing way to begin the day. Love it all!!!

  4. I have been trying to make this a goal for months and months. I notice that if I don't read in the morning, I most likely won't make time for it during the day or evening. I keep thinking that as soon as I have my baby, I will have more time to sit down and read in the morning. I'm probably kidding myself but I guess the trick is to try it and see the change in your life in which you then can't live without it.



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