Saturday, January 30, 2010

scenes from a snowy saturday

We woke up this morning to a snow covered neighborhood.
It was so beautiful!

Here's Joseph and Lester looking at the winter wonderland.

How cute is that?!

Doesn't that grin just melt your heart?

I love this one.

The planter by my front door.

The colors in my flag look so pretty against the white snow!

Have a great weekend!



  1. Yes his smile melted my heart!! We only got about an inch, but it's still pretty and fun for the kids!! Happy Saturday!

  2. OHMYGOSH!!!! LORA! My dear friend! Your family is absolutely beautiful! FOUR KIDS! WOW! Okay, enough exclamation marks. Please email me when you have the chance: I can't wait to read and get caught up in on your life.

  3. NatalieY.11:59 PM

    He is so so so adorable Lora! So sweet and tender... His smile definitely 'melts' me! ;-) So happy you are next door!

  4. Diane9:36 PM

    I absolutely love the pictures of Joseph and sweet and precious. Does anyone know if there is a word for being homesick for your grandchildren ? :(



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