Friday, January 29, 2010

lessons from making bread

My sweet friend Lacy recently opened up an etsy shop, the daily grain, where she sells organic mixes for goodies such as ezekiel bread, muffins, pie crusts, whole wheat bread, etc... She grinds her own wheat and makes all of it from scratch! I wanted to support her new etsy business, like so many of my friends and family have done for me, so I bought one of her mixes for organic Ezekiel bread. I made it the other day, and let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS! That was the first time I had ever made bread from scratch. Her directions were super easy, and it came out perfectly! And it made three large loaves! Go check out her shop. (She's having a special buy one, get one free sale going on right now through Valentine's Day.) Her husband's in the ministry, so this shop is one of the ways Lacy is wanting to contribute to her family's finances. I am excited for her and this new business!

Here's some photos of my bread making day. I know, I'm a dork, I took step by step photos of it! :)

Isn't her packaging cute? I love her business cards. (And Ruth loved that little honey bear bottle. She carried that around all day before I started baking.)

I mixed water, honey, oil, and salt together

Then, I add the mix and started stirring...
and stirring. and stirring. and stirring...

I poured the dough into three large loaf pans

And set the pans in a warm place for an hour or so to let the dough rise

They were getting a sun bath in my entryway...

Then, into the oven for about 45 minutes

Oh my goodness! Look at that!!


As I was making this, I couldn't help but make some spiritual parallels in my mind. So many of the steps in the baking process taught me some big lessons in my own life. I wanted to share them with you!
So, first of all, when I mixed the water and oil together, they didn't mix. But when I added the honey, it acted like a glue and they mixed much better. So many times, I find myself in situations where I seem disjointed, not really mixed together. But, if I take time to read the Bible and seek God's wisdom out, my situation starts to make sense and get all mixed together! That's what His word does!
"How sweet are Thy words unto my taste! [yea, sweeter] than honey to my mouth!"
Psalm 119:103
Then, as I was stirring and stirring and stirring the dough... (for about ten minutes, but it felt more like an hour), I thought about all the times where I felt like God was doing that very same thing to me! When we find ourselves in seasons where it feels like everything that can be shaken is being shaken, we must remember that God has a purpose in everything He does. He is working stuff out of us, He is molding us into the image of His son. It can feel exhausting, and we can feel weak. At those moments, we must remember to draw upon His strength. He did not ask us to do this thing called life on our own! He wants to do it through us!
After the stirring, the dough was poured into pans and placed in a warm place to rise. After we have been shaken and stirred by the Great Baker, he pours us into vessels and lets the heat rise us. We must be willing to be used for His purposes. And sometimes that means, He pours us into vessels that we weren't expecting. I know I didn't expect to be a stay at home mom of four. But, this is where He's placed me and I will continue to serve Him here in my home and look for ways to minister to those He's put around me. And in those vessels that He's placed us in, He often turns the heat up so that we will rise! So often lately, I've seen myself and my friends and family go through extreme seasons of testing. This testing, I believe, is a wonderful place to rise to the occasion! God wants to see if we will continue to praise and thank Him for all things and in all situations. That so pleases His heart when we can rise above the noise and praise Him anyway!
And lastly, after the time in His refining fire, He pulls us out of the oven and we emerge a beautiful loaf of bread, filling the world with His sweet aroma. We are the fragrance of Christ to a world that desperately needs Him!
Hope those little lessons that God showed me when I made this yummy bread somehow spoke to your heart as well!
Thanks for letting me share,


  1. NatalieY.11:59 AM

    Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful to read and hold on to! Thank you for sharing your heart and 'lessons' learned... ;-) Love you!

  2. You fill my heart with joy as I watch you become the woman God had planned all along.

  3. yummy, I just ordered some from her after your post, thanks for letting me know!

  4. this looks super yummy! I added The Daily Grain to my favorites. What a great store! Good pictures too...mouth watering. :)

  5. thank you so much for sharing that with all of us! the part about the vessels really reaaaally hit close to home. I think the Big Man and I need to have a well deserved and much needed heart to heart about it! Thanks again!

  6. Diane9:43 PM

    Lora, your words of wisdom are touching and I love your Mom's comment. I am thankful that God included our family in His plan for you. Love you, Diane



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