Thursday, January 21, 2010

decorating on a budget - guest rooms, part one

I thought I would write a post on decorating on a budget. For those of you that know me personally, you know that I love a good bargain. (Free is even better!)

You don't need a lot of money to create a cozy, welcoming home. Today's post is going to focus on one of my guest rooms. My husband and I love to have guests come and stay with us. And I have really enjoyed creating two peaceful sanctuaries in my two guest rooms. And I've done it for pennies. Most of the pieces in these rooms were given to me. The other items I bought at garage sales, thrift stores, antique shops, or estate sales.

So, here's a tour of my first guest room. (The other one will be the subject of tomorrow's post).

Hope this inspires you to create your own sanctuary!

Call me corny, but I love to have themes in my guest rooms. This room's theme is LOVE, more specifically, bridal love... Everything in here either makes me think of pure love or symbolizes it... I even chose the curtains because the fabric reminds me of a wedding dress! (And see how the curves in the iron on the bed look like hearts? This used to be my bed when I was a little girl.) You gotta have a little fun when decorating. Do what makes you happy. Create a little whimsy!

Recognize this quilt? I wrote about it last week in this post. I think the colors in it go beautifully with the pale blue on the walls. I got this little bedside table at a garage sale for a couple dollars right after I got married. Isn't it sweet? And my brother gave me this lamp awhile back. Benjamin and Leo loved to play with those beads on the shade when they were babies. It used to be in the nursery in our old house.

I think it is important to provide your guests with a comfortable chair to sit and read or relax. One of my old neighbors gave this beautiful swivel recliner to me when they moved away. I love the color.
(little bit of advice - my husband's always said, "If someone is getting rid of something, and asks you if you want it, always say yes." He's a big believer that you can always find a use for it, or find someone else that needs it. So, when my neighbor asked me if I wanted this chair, of course, I said yes! And look how good it looks in my guest room!)

Here's an inexpensive alternative to framed art. When I moved into my very first apartment in my early twenties, I got this print called "He hears my voice" for less than
$10 at a Christian bookstore. It is basically a poster. I bought a pretty gold frame at Michael's for about $12 and framed it myself.

I found this amazing antique framed piece of calligraphy at a garage sale for a few dollars. It's my favorite! (and the words are so true!!)

The framed cross stitch was given to my husband and I by my mother-in-law. She made it for our wedding. It's gorgeous. The dresser was part of the bedroom suite that I had as a child. The gilded tray was found at an estate sale. I always put at least one candle in my guest rooms. This one is scented, Almond Mint. And that's a Bible next to it. (another essential for a guest room, in my opinion)

I found this great distressed pedestal at a garage sale for 50 cents! A wonderful piece to add height to your table. A little angel figurine (holding a heart) sits on top. I got it as a birthday gift about ten years ago.

Can you feel the love? I've always enjoyed the sweet presence of God, the author of love, whenever I sit in this room. It's so calming in there!
When you're decorating a guest room, think about all the things you like about the guest rooms you've stayed in in the past. And try to incorporate those features in your own guest room. For me, those things are a comfy bed with lots of blankets, a soft lamp, books to read, a cozy nook and chair to sit in, pretty pictures to look at on the walls, and personal touches that remind me of the friend who's house that I am staying at.
I've learned through the years that your home is a reflection of you! And as a homemaker, it is one of the best ways you can express yourself and your spirit to all who come and visit. It's not about the money you spend when decorating, it's about the HEART you put into it!
What does your home say about you?


  1. I love that you are so true to you and did what you love. Way to be a bargain shopper. You've got some really great pieces in that room.

  2. I love this post and your guest room makes me want to come visit.

    But I had to laugh at your last question. My house says, "We don't have time to fix anything or touch up paint!"

    At least we can laugh at our holey couch and dripping faucets, right?

  3. Your guest room is beautiful! What a treat to have a room for guests to stay :)



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