Friday, January 1, 2010

blog year in review

Here's the highlights of 2009:

  • working hard at losing weight with Weight Watchers (down 10 this month!)
  • Joseph sleeping better at night
  • Barack Obama became President on the 21st
  • snow day
  • had my first blog giveaway to celebrate 250 posts
  • trip to Atlanta with Ruth and Joseph to visit my parents and my friend Jeanette
  • lost my voice for several days after praying that I would not yell at kiddos (haha - God definitely has a sense of humor!)
  • got a large sum of money in the mailbox (anonymously) when we really needed it! My friend had just prayed for our family that same day that God would provide for us and help our finances!
  • weight watchers milestone - lost 50 pounds since Joseph's birth! (all the weight I gained during the pregnancy!)
  • Clint put on the musical 1776 with some of his students - lots of hard work, but the kids loved it!
  • My in-laws came up for a visit, and we had a great time! The kids really enjoyed visiting with their grandparents.
  • the kiddos and I enjoyed the early spring weather! lots of rainy days, but the weather was much warmer
  • getting ready to launch my new etsy shop! cutting vintage fabric most nights and naptimes...


  • opened up my vintage fabric etsy shop on April 7th. overwhelmed at the success I saw immediately! What a blessing to be able to contribute financially to my family.
  • celebrated my 34th birthday. My folks came up for a visit.
  • My hubby took me and the kiddos to our favorite cabin in the mountains for a birthday weekend trip. Fun!
  • I got the best birthday gift ever from Clint - high speed internet! It revolutionalized my life on the computer - making updating my etsy shop and blog so much easier and faster.
  • My parents beloved Golden Retriever, Daisy, passed away. Very sad for my folks.


  • Joseph turned six months old! Wow. time flies!
  • down 65 pounds with weight watchers!
  • Mother's Day with four little ones. I am a blessed mommy.
  • Ruth turned 2 years old.
  • Clint and I went to Prom!
  • God did a healing work in my eyes! I went to the eye doctor because I had been having really bad headaches. It turned out that my prescription was too strong! In other words, my eyesight had improved and I needed new glasses with a lesser prescription! Hallelujah!
  • learning how to balance life and work. My etsy shop kept me very busy this month!


  • Benjamin graduated from preschool! He's on his way to kindergarten in the fall.
  • hosted a prayer shower for my dear friend Lauren who had her beautiful baby girl Hannah just a few weeks later. It was such a special time
  • Joseph learned to sit up!
  • Had a quick visit with my mother-in-law and Clint's grandmother. We met at an outlet mall halfway between us. Grandmama got to meet Joseph for the first time.
  • Family beach vacation in Charleston with my parents and brothers' families. All 17 of us!


  • gave our cat, Emmylou, to a mutual friend. Sad, but happy that she will get more love and individual attention now
  • watched fireworks out my boys' window with the kiddos for 4th of July! Ruth said, "ooh, pretty dress!" - priceless...
  • my etsy shop featured on the blog "etsypreneur"! Very exciting...
  • made my first goal in Weight Watchers! 150!! The kids and Clint waiting for me at the door with a signs and confetti.


  • took a trip to see my in-laws in south Georgia. relaxing time...
  • busy making things for my booth at Harvest Fest in September
  • my wedding ring fits my finger for the first time in years! thank you, God, for helping lose the weight!
  • open house for the boys school! can't believe Benjamin is starting kindergarten and Leo is going to preschool.


  • first day of school! the house is so quiet with just two kiddos at home in the morning.
  • Leo turns 4!
  • made my final goal in Weight Watchers! 144! (the weight I was before I had any children!) - total weight lost since Joseph's birth - 86 pounds! (60 with Weight Watchers)
  • Joseph's pulling up!
  • our dear friend Hannah offered to do a photo shoot for our family! It was so much fun, and the pictures turned out so beautiful!
  • Harvest Fest! My parents came to watch the kiddos. Wonderful week at my booth. Lots of sales, but more importantly, lots of chances to minister to others.


  • experiencing breakthrough in my life! God is answering prayers in big ways! My faith is rising up and I am emerging from the cocoon that I've been in for a long time. Exciting times.
  • My dear friends are moving away. My friend Jenn, is the last of several close friends to move away within the last couple of months. Major transition for me in the friend department.
  • We were blessed by an extravagant gift of food that will last us at least two months!
  • Starting going regularly to an amazing weekly women's prayer group. It has been such a blessing to me, and I am making new friends there.
  • got a new, trendy haircut for the first time in years. Enjoying my new look with my new skinny body


  • Joseph turns one year old! Can't believe it...
  • I made my 300th sale on etsy! Big milestone for me.
  • My next door neighbor, Dee, moved away. Sad day!
  • Experiencing lots of God's healing in my heart. Lots of transition, but I am making it through!
  • Wonderful Thanksgiving with Clint's parents, his sister, and her little boy.
  • Set up our new king sized mattress that our neighbors gave us when they moved! What a blessing!


  • participated in sewmamasew's giveaway day and was blown away at the response! I had 280 entries on my blog!! Awesome.
  • celebrated Hanukkah each night for 8 nights. It was a special time of focusing on God our Provider!
  • My parents came up to have one night of Hanukkah with us. It was their first time celebrating it, and they really enjoyed it! Lots of fun...
  • Clint and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary!
  • Benjamin turned 6!
  • We took a trip to the mountains over the holidays. We got snowed in and enjoyed family time in our little cabin by the creek. Made lots of memories.
  • Clint and I rang in the new year with a Northern Exposure marathon, and made a champagne toast by the fire at midnight. Quiet time together, thanking God for carrying us through another year.

Happy New Year! As I have taken this walk down memory lane, I am amazed at all the blessings that God has bestowed upon me and my little family. He has provided for us, cared for us, and answered many prayers. I am thankful for all He has done in 2009.

And here's the toast Clint and I made last night: It's my prayer for each of you as well!

May 2010 bring answered prayers, good health, financial breakthrough, and marital bliss!



  1. Loved that you did this review. What a great idea. Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

  2. Love this review! I think I am going to do it now too!

  3. Diane1:24 PM

    Really enjoyed going back and reminiscing 2009 with you and thankful I am a participant. We wish for all of you the things mentioned in your toasts. Happy Blessed New Year ! ! ! Love, Diane

  4. May 2010 bring you and yours bountiful blessing.

  5. Great review although it should be Mr. Obama became President -smile-.
    May the worst of 2010 be from the best of 2009.
    Happy New Year
    from Thistle Cove Farm

  6. I didn't realize you're a fellow Northern Exposure fan!



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