Monday, January 4, 2010

beauty in the everyday

My two oldest went back to school today (as well as my hubby!), so this morning was quiet and peaceful with just the two youngest. I am so happy to be getting back into my routine. I got really motivated and cleaned my kitchen, got caught up on laundry, cleaned Ruth's room, and worked on my etsy shop. It was quite a productive morning!

Here's the two new listings up in my shop. I took photos of them this morning by the window at the top of my stairs. The sun was shining so bright! I think these scarves look so beautiful with all that natural light!

isn't it gorgeous?!

I really love the colors in this one!

I had to include this photo! Ruthie snuck in the frame while I was taking this one. I love the contrast between the fancy scarf and the little girl in her mismatched pajamas.
Which one do you think is more beautiful? Ruth, of course - no contest!
Have a wonderful week! I am looking forward to getting back into the normal day-to-day routine of my life as a stay-at-home mommy of four. There is so much joy to be found in keeping a home. Help me, God, to appreciate the little things. Open my eyes to the simple beauty all around me that I so often overlook.


  1. i join you in that prayer! i am so thankful i have a role as homemaker and am striving for beauty in the everyday.

  2. Natalie Young4:29 PM

    Lora, You look at things so well through HIS eyes. I love keeping up with your blog. You are such an encouragement and I know the Lord is so pleased with your heart for HIM and your family! Blessings to you!! Nat
    P.S. I am also happy to get back into the 'routine' and day-to-day life as a stay at home mommy of 3, with one on the way! ;-)



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