Monday, December 7, 2009

super easy gift to make!

Benjamin had a little birthday party to go to yesterday afternoon for a boy in his kindergarten class. We worked together before the party sewing up a little pillow for his friend Alex. It was a great project for Benjamin and I to do together!

I cut up an old Thomas the Train sheet for the top fabric and used some cuddly red fleece (that I bought super-cheap as a remnant at the fabric store) for the back fabric

Then, I sewed the right sides together, leaving one small opening for stuffing.

Then I layed it flat and trimmed off the excess fabric
Then, I flipped it right side out to get ready for stuffing!

I cut up an old pillow I wasn't using anymore and took all the fiberfill stuffing out.

Then, Benjamin and I put all that fiberfill stuffing in the new pillow!
(this was Benjamin's favorite part - can you tell?)

Then, I handstitched the small opening closed.

Ta da!!! All done.

So proud of his work!
A cute one-of-a-kind birthday gift for pennies and finished in less time than it takes to watch a movie!
This would also make a great gift for a friend or relative. Just hunt around your house for some pretty sheets, clothing you've outgrown, or fleece blankets you don't use anymore. And if you've also got an old pillow you don't need anymore, you're all set! All you need is some thread and a sewing machine. (or you could sew the pillow by hand if you don't have a machine!)
I'd love to hear about any other quick, easy, and fun to make gifts, especially using materials you already have on hand. Let me know your ideas!!
Have a great Monday,


  1. This is of course something everyone knows how to do, but for some reason I didn't see the beauty of it until I read your post (came to see the giveaway winner). This would be so perfect with vintage flowery sheets or pillowcases (two fewer seams to sew) for my many sisters/sisters-in-law. Maybe with a strong canvas for the back.

    Thanks for the idea, glad I stopped in. :)

  2. I love the idea of using fabric from the kids old sheets! I need to try that. thanks for the demo. I scrolled through your blog, just up my alley :) I am so glad of this giveaway, it has given me a chance to 'meet' folks I wouldn't have otherwise.

    Thanks for visiting my blog & giveaway. (I noticed you are also a follower, thanks for the support and remember to check in for the Saturday giveaway)

  3. My kids love the stuffing part too☺

  4. Great way to use old sheets! It turned out very cute.


  5. Such a good idea to get the kids involved. My mother made pillows out of old clothes with one of her granddaughters and I think they both loved doing it. Have a great day.



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