Monday, December 21, 2009

nine years

Boy, has it been a busy week! And it's just going to get busier! I had a few minutes to write a post (probably my only one for several days), so here goes!

We are leaving tomorrow for a family getaway in the woods! Clint and I's ninth wedding anniversary is on the 23rd and then Benjamin's 6th birthday is the next day! So we are in a for a week of celebrating!! One of Clint's co-worker's has offered us the use of her family cabin in the mountains for a few days. We love it there (we've been a few times before). Her husband built the cabin, using all reclaimed materials, such as doors from 100 year old houses, a beautiful antique clawfoot tub, lots of great antique furniture, iron beds... the list goes on and on! It's right up our alley...

I am looking forward to just being together, our own little family of six. The kiddos are also super excited to have their mommy and daddy's undivided attention for several days as well. (there's no phone service, no tv, and no internet) - just good old fashioned family time by the fire. Heavenly!!

Here's a few pictures from my wedding day nine years ago. I can't believe it's been that long. What a ride we've had, too! Lots of change and chances to grow in our relationship with eachother and with the Lord. It's been quite a journey. Clint, I love you and am proud to be your wife!

taken as we were walking back down the aisle right after the ceremony

my hubby's the best dancer! we had a jazz trio at our reception that was held in an old Victorian house. beautiful!

I love the classic look of this picture! (Our guests threw birdseed at us)

Have a very blessed week!



  1. I loveLOVElove that 2nd picture. And the third one too...
    Have a great time.
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. All the photos are wonderful and you were a beautiful bride and are now a beautiful woman.
    Best wishes on a lovely family time this week, enjoy!
    Merry Christmas
    from Thistle Cove Farm.

  3. Your pictures look straight out of a 50's wedding! So cute! Congrats!

  4. Love your pictures! Happy anniversary Clint and Laura. Happy birthday Benjamin, and a Merry Christmas to you all from my home to yours!

  5. What a beautiful post! And I LOVE that last very retro looking!

  6. Enjoy your time together! Happy birthday and anniversary!!

  7. Hope you have a wonderful, blessed anniversary and a wonderful time with your family. Merry Christmas.



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