Tuesday, December 29, 2009

mountain getaway - part two

baby Benjamin - so sweet!

big 6 year old!
This is part two of our mountain getaway photos. We had a sweet little family birthday party for Benjamin, who turned six when we were at the cabin. It was a special time!

Here's the highlights...

the birthday cake I made for Benjamin.
not too fancy, but he sure liked it!

i love his smile


proud mommy and daddy with their firstborn


admiring his new trains

party aftermath

happily playing with his new train set

Have a great day, everyone. My brother and his family left this morning. We had a great visit! Now, I am glad to be getting back into my routine. It's been a crazy couple of weeks!

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  1. I'm so happy you enjoyed your getaway!! Happy Birthday to the now 6yo!! I'm glad our normal routine can begin now as well. Christmas is great, but routines are even better!!



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