Thursday, November 5, 2009

next door neighbors

Dee and I at my baby shower for Joseph last year

Dee and I in her front yard this morning

My next door neighbor, Dee, moved away today. I can't believe she's not next door anymore. I am pretty sad. Lots of my friends and neighbors have moved within the last couple of months and Dee was the last one of the bunch to move. Now, my street is so quiet and empty. I am processing so many emotions right now. It is tempting to be down and let loneliness creep in. I am fighting that temptation and trying to look on the bright side. New neighbors will eventually move into the empty houses. New friends will come. But how I miss the amazing community I've been a part of for the last three years. It's been incredible. So, here I am, missing my friends that have moved away. Feeling stranded. Feeling isolated. Thanking God that He's here with me. And remembering that I am never really alone with I'm with Him.


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