Sunday, November 22, 2009

cleaning house

I got super motivated last night about 10pm, put on a worship cd, and cleaned for two hours! My downstairs hasn't been that clean in months. It felt really good.

My clean living room. Can you tell I love brown and gold? Wow, I've gotta make some new pillows or something to liven it up! Any color suggestions?

I even managed to hang the awesome framed vintage crewel work piece! Here it is, hanging in my entryway above the bench that we all sit on to put our shoes on every morning. (This bench was the seating for the dining room table that I grew up with. I have lots of memories sitting at the table on this bench! Thanks, Mom and Dad, for giving it to me to use for my own family now)

My new spoon rest. I found it at an estate sale last weekend. (Actually, it's an ashtray from the 70s, but I am making a new use for it now! I love the colors and retro flower design!)

I am definitely a child of the seventies!! haha...

Have a blessed Sunday,



  1. look at your clean house! go you!!

  2. I vote for red too.
    A deep, dark red:)

  3. My first thought was orange, then I thought red. Looks like others were thinking along the same lines. It's a beautiful room!

    P.S. I love the pictures of the beautiful leaves in your header and the post below. Wow!



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