Monday, October 12, 2009

self portrait monday

Here I am today wearing a very colorful outfit. It's so dreary outside that I thought I would put something happy on to brighten my day.

My outfit:

Grey tshirt by Banana Republic - I think it's safe to say that I've owned this tshirt for over 10 years - maybe 15... that store really knows how to make clothing that will last!

Jeans with sparkly back pockets - I should have taken a picture of those! haha... they are a size 7, too, I might add. :)

Happy Green Cardigan - my dear South Korean friend JooHee from years ago gave me this. It doesn't have a tag on it, but the washing instructions are in another language, so I think it's from South Korea. I've loved it and am so happy to be able to wear it again now that I am smaller.

Little Fabric Flower pin with Corduroy Button center - isn't it cute? It came with a pink corduroy tote bag that I bought off etsy years ago.

In other news, I just listed some crocheted scarves like the one pictured below on my etsy shop - its the perfect time of year to start wearing those! Yay.. I love scarves!!

Simple Crocheted Scarf - Vanilla

Have a great Monday afternoon!



  1. 1. You are super cute...

    2. I LOVE that you called the color of the scarf vanilla.

    3. I am rockin' a bright blue scarf just like the vanilla one today and got LOTS of compliments on it ;)

  2. very cute little flower pin!...and your little guy sooo cute! I like the pictures with the spiked hair. how fun! :)



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