Thursday, October 29, 2009

oh, the wonderful things you can make with vintage bed linens!

from this...
to THIS!

Just had to share a great link to this etsy shop called sohomode. The lady who's behind the name is Louise, and she sews amazing clothing out of vintage fabric. She bought this vintage sheet with an incredible mountainous landscape from me a few months ago. And just a couple of days ago, she emailed me to tell me she finally made a dress out of the fabric. It is just gorgeous! I get such a kick out of seeing the finished products of the fabric that my etsy customers purchase from my shop. They make me smile! So, thank you, Louise! And to think, an old bedsheet from the 70s that I bought at an estate sale in rural North Carolina has made its way to Soho!! Small, small world...
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Have a great night!

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