Thursday, October 22, 2009

happy homemaker

I went to a women's prayer group last night. The focus of prayer gravitated toward being Godly wives. I confess I struggle with having a joyful attitude toward my husband all the time. There's moments when I want it MY way, and I get bitter in my heart if that doesn't happen. I had a great time with God last night, laying all my shortcomings as a wife before Him. He forgave me, and gave me a new resolve to serve and love my husband with joy in my heart. Being a wife and mother is such a wonderful calling. I am blessed to have such a sweet, hardworking husband and four amazingly cute and animated children. Help me, Lord, to serve my little family with happiness and love in my heart. Help me to remember that as I give freely to them, I am glorifying and honoring You in the process.

As a seller of all things vintage, I am always fascinated with the women that have gone before me, working with their hands. As I hold a handmade quilt or apron or tablecloth in my hands, I always think of what that little seamstress long ago was like and if she struggled with the same things I struggle with. I wonder if she had a hard time balancing it all being a wife, mother, friend, and follower of Jesus. It seems that for thousands of years, women all over the world have shared the same challenges. And for thousands of years, the same God has helped them through it all, giving them grace to be the wives and mothers He's called them to be!

I just listed four amazing vintage aprons on my etsy shop. I like to imagine the happy homemakers that wore these little retro beauties. I can just see them baking a cake, making a pot roast, and giving their kiddos the all time classic favorite of children throughout the decades - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Some things never go out of style...

Vintage Handmade Ruffled Apron from the Fifties - Sweethearts and Bows (my favorite)

Fantastic Vintage Pink and White Zip Up Apron/Smock

One of a Kind Vintage Handmade Smock/Apron - Colors of the Seventies

Vintage Handmade Pleated Apron - Retro Autumn Flowers with Ric Rac Hem

Have a blessed day, everyone! And may you find joy today in serving others!



  1. I love those aprons! And I love your insights on being a godly wife, too. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. beautiful post! love that last apron.



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