Tuesday, October 6, 2009

future engineer?

A few weeks ago, I got a container full of small lego pieces for a dollar at a garage sale. Benjamin's been having fun creating all sorts of vehicles out of the tiny legos. I am amazed at his creativity! I tried making some things with him the other day and had the hardest time creating things half as good as he could! He's got a knack for this kind of thing. Maybe he'll be an engineer one day! Here's some pictures of his latest creation. He's so proud! Isn't it cute?


his latest creation - of course, a train

so proud of himself... :)

Have a great night, everyone. I'm going to bed now. I had a great etsy shop day. I sold three things in my shop today that were all listed within the last 24 hours! And two of the three were from other countries (Greece and Japan)! It sure is a small world.

Be blessed,


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