Monday, September 21, 2009

self portrait monday

You know you're not getting enough sleep when you put your child in the wrong way in his backpack carrier to take a walk in the neighborhood! I didn't know I had done this until I ran into my friend Susanna on the street. I had him in there that way for about 15 minutes before she pointed out to me that he was in backwards. Apparently, he didn't seem to mind. He was quiet and happy looking out from a different perspective for a change. Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny and a good sign that I am not operating on a full cylinder these days. I've been up late most nights sewing and trying to finish making stuff for my booth. Harvest Fest starts on Thursday!! Oh my gosh, I'm trying not to stress out. The perfectionist in me wants everything to be just so... I've got to let go!! haha..

Here's my outfit that I just threw on half asleep this morning. I am pretty sweaty in the picture too because I had just gotten home from my walk with the kiddos.

Black t-shirt - Pro Spirit
Skinny Jeans - Levis

Notice the bright red nail polish on my fingernails, too. I painted them last night. I normally don't wear that bright of a color, but I thought that my nails should look good since I've been staring at my hands nonstop these days and nights while I make jewelry, sew, and crochet. :)

Have a great Monday!


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