Monday, September 14, 2009

self portrait monday

It's been a LONG day. My self-portrait picture looks a little different today. I'm wearing the cutest "accessory" - my little baby boy... in a backpack carrier. He is in a crazy stage right now where he cries if I am not holding him, which makes it pretty impossible to get anything done around the house. I've got so much to do for Harvest Fest, and I just can't seem to get anything done!! Help me, Lord! And I am so tired from working on things late into the night. Today, I even fell asleep in my 4 year old's toddler bed while my kiddos were playing in the bedroom. Imagine me, all tucked in with my Thomas the Train pillow and comforter, in the fetal position in a little toddler bed - sound asleep. Well, as sound asleep as a mommy of four can get. I think my nap lasted about 8 minutes.

Salmon t-shirt by Banana Republic

Brown Capris by Sitwell

Baby boy by me! (well, God, but you know what I mean! haha)

oh, and if any of you are interested in what I look like with zero makeup, here you go! I was lucky to get a shower today.

On the crafting front, I was able to get a few journal covers made a couple of days ago. Here's some pictures:

Vintage Striped Fabric with Guitar applique and three vintage button accents

Ladybug and Flowers Fabric with Flower Applique with Vintage Burlap and pink heart button detail

Aqua and Khaki Daisies Fabric with Bird Applique and vintage button accent

Pray for me, blogging friends. I am worn out and feel pretty much spent right now. Not a good state to be in with all the work I've got to do in the next two weeks. And I've got three etsy shop orders to pack up and ship out by tomorrow. Give me strength, Lord!


  1. Love the journals, especially the one with the bird and flowers... It reminds me of Matthew 6:25-34 which was my sustaining passage last year!

    Also, where did you find your back pack carrier? I haven't found one that doesn't sit up over the shoulders and has a stand and is less than 60 bucks.

  2. you are amazing lora!! i love you!

  3. Lora....I am praying for God to give you strength to finish all of your projects. I honestly don't know how you do everything that you amaze me. Love the journal covers ! ! And I just love that look on Joseph's face...he is so happy to be so close to Mommy. Love, Diane

  4. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Praying for you! I know you'll get it all done. God is faithful.
    Love, Mom

  5. Hehehe. Joseph (I always want to call him Joshua...I wonder if that is prophetic) is SOOO cute in that thing. He looks like a burrito. I love that kid.
    Praying for your energy levels to be HIGH!
    Love you...

  6. You are TOO cute! And so skinny! :-)
    So, Zoe has been teething like mad...maybe that's Joseph's thing, too.
    Hugs to you. :-)



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