Friday, September 11, 2009

five things i love friday

Today's Five Things I Love Friday feature five things in my kitchen that make me smile:

1. The curtains on the window over my kitchen sink. I made them a few years ago out of some fabulous vintage fabric I found on etsy. Isn't it wonderfully fifties?

2. A sweet vintage scale I found at a garage sale last week for $1.00. I love it!!

3. A fabulous seventies sugar bowl that my friend Jenn gave me last month. I use it every day when I make my Cafe Francais. I love it so much.

4. My shiny vintage bread box that my hubby got for me years ago at an estate sale.

5. A fantastic retro sign. I love all these colors - can you tell?

My friend Susanna always says that my favorite word is "vintage". I think she's right! I love to surround myself with old things. I love finding beauty in the forgotten and cast aside. As I look around my house, I see more old things than new. That's just how I am, I guess.

Have a great Friday,


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