Friday, September 25, 2009

booth update

one of my "Keys to the Kingdom" necklaces at my booth

My first day at Harvest Fest went really well! Thanks, everybody, for your prayers! I met a lot of amazing people from all over the country, sold several pieces of jewelry and some other little things, and got to pray for a few people as well.

Best story of the day - a young girl about 19 or 20 years old came up and bought one of my "Keys to the Kingdom" necklaces that I make with skeleton keys, leaf charms, and a sparkly bead. (The key symbolizes Matthew 16:19 (look it up), the leaf symbolizes healing (Rev 22:2), and the sparkly bead symbolizes the glory of God). The necklace that she chose had a silver key that was very unusual - the holes at the top part look heart-shaped. I had never noticed that before, but she saw it right away. She said that she had been seeing hearts everywhere she looked lately. Anyway, we had a sweet time talking in my booth and I was able to pray for her right there. I felt like God wanted her to know that He was pursuing her and showing her how much he loved her. He was wooing her! It was a special time.

That night, a friend offered to let her 16 year old come over and watch my kids so I could go to the night service of the conference. So, I went over and God was moving! Lots of people were getting healed of various sicknesses and ailments. And next thing I know, I saw that girl up there at the front wearing that necklace. She has been deaf in one of her ears since birth. The speaker prayed for her and she got her hearing back!!!! Praise God! He truly was wooing her and showed her His love for her by healing her ear!! Wow. And there I was, with tears running down my face, thanking God that I got to be just a small part of her miracle story. And now, she can wear that necklace and remember that God is a God of healing!

And God reminded me after all of that that this is just the beginning of Harvest Fest - I've got five more days! I am expecting Him to do even greater things! And I am humbled that He can use little old me with my little things that I make to communicate hope and love and faith to his people in a tangible way. Yay!!

I am looking forward to another awesome day meeting people and getting to minister in my little booth.

One more thing - when I got to my booth yesterday, my sweet husband (who was watching the kids) sent me this text:

"Your stuff is great, but the best thing about your booth is you."

Isn't the at the sweetest thing?! I am blessed!

Have a great Friday! (and if you live by me, come and stop by and see me at my booth! I love visitors...)



  1. Loved your "best story of the day." God is amazing! I could feel his love for the girl just reading your words.

  2. Diane8:04 PM

    What a wonderful story and how very special and precious that God can use us for His Glory, if only we are willing. It is truly amazing how he uses our meager efforts to further His Kingdom.
    May He do even more as Harvest Fest continues. Love, Diane



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