Saturday, September 26, 2009

booth update part two

my sweet friend Allison made this sign. I love her handwriting!

Here I am! I am sharing a tent with a new Birthing Center opening up next month.

I love how the branch display turned out. The necklaces look so cool hanging from the branches. I've sold most of them so the branches look pretty sparse here. And I am wearing one of my husband's grandmother's aprons. She made it a long time ago. Isn't it cute? The best part about it is that it turns into a bonnet!

I had another great day yesterday at my booth. The weather was super-nice. It was hot again, but we had a breeze off and on throughout the day. I had several opportunities to pray for people and speak into their lives. It was so wonderful just to be able to spend all day meeting new people, ministering, and creating! Heaven...

I was also able to give a couple of things away, which I love to do! I gave a baby blanket to a lady I met that is praying to conceive a baby. I prayed for her as she held the little fleece lovey in her hands that the Lord would open her womb and give her a baby. It was a sweet time.

And then, later on in the day, I gave one of my favorite necklaces, a beautiful silver star of david charm and blue glass bead dangling from a sterling silver chain, to an older woman that is a survivor of cancer. Because of the cancer (which was on her face), she lost her hearing in one ear due to the radiation. Two nights ago, at the conference meeting, she was healed and received her hearing back! It was such a blessing to witness. I was sitting in the back and I was priveleged to watch her walk back to her husband and embrace him. They were so precious hugging and crying and laughing and praising God together! Anyway, when they walked by my booth yesterday, I felt the Lord lead me to give her that particular necklace to serve as a reminder to her of what God did for her at Harvest Fest 2009. And the coolest part is that the verse that God gave me while I was making that necklace was "Hear, Oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one." (Mark 12:29)

An interesting ending to this story is that the price of the necklace that I gave away turned out to be exactly 10% of the total amount that I made at my booth yesterday! God is so good. He truly does honor us when we give freely to others. :)
OK, I've got to get ready for another day at the booth. I have to be up there in about an hour and a half. It is sprinkling now. Please pray for the rain to stop and for it to be nice all day.




  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Your booth looks so professional. I love the banner! Isn't it neat that Grandmama has a part with you? Her little apron looks just right. Blessings on you today.

  2. Your booth looks great! Keep on lovin' those people, girl! Bless the Lord He has given you this opportunity!!!

  3. Lora, You look great and so does the booth! Miss you and I will be buying christmas gifts again from you...just half way across the country this time.



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