Monday, August 31, 2009

self portrait monday

Here I am on a rainy day... all dressed up for my two boys' open house for their school. They get to meet their teachers and see their classrooms. Exciting! I hear that the kindergarten room looks like a fairytale village complete with castles!! Benjamin's gonna be so excited! And I know Leo will love the indoor playground area in his preschool room. My boys are growing up!!

(skinny jeans! can you believe it?)
Black tank top: Mossimo
Vintage 3/4 length sleeved blazer: Choices
Jeans: Forever 21
Vintage Teal Plastic Beads: Value Village (my favorite thrift store)
Coral Rose and Silver Ring: gift from my Aunt Marcia
The craziest part about this outfit is that I am wearing "skinny jeans", a gift from my friend Jenn. I've never worn these in my life! I've always worn "bootleg jeans", you know the kind with flared legs... These legs just go straight down, and skinny around my ankles. I never thought I'd be able to wear these teenager type jeans and look okay in them! It's a weight watchers miracle!!
I'll be leaving in about an hour to go to the open house. And then, we're off to the start of a crazy week for this family of six! School starts for my hubby and my boys on Wednesday, so there's lots to do to get ready for that! And my second-born turns four this week too, so I've got a little party to plan as well! And, it's only three weeks till Harvest Fest, so I've got massive amounts of crafts to create for my booth. It'll be a whirlwind for the next month, but it'll be fun, too!
Have a good night, everybody!


  1. :) you are one good-lookin mama! excited for leo's party this week!

  2. great photo and idea... love it!

  3. I've been afraid of skinny jeans too! And then I tried some on and didn't think they were skinny enough!

  4. Corina4:08 PM

    Wow lora, you look very beautiful! i've never seen you so skinny before (except for the wedding pictures you've showed me :-))!!! be blessed, corina

  5. You look AMAZING!!!!
    I am back from vacation...can't wait to see you...
    I am under a mountain of are under a mountain of creativity ;)
    Maybe we can make it happen.
    Love you!



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