Monday, August 17, 2009

self-portrait monday

Here I am, looking remarkably better than I feel. I've got a pretty bad cold. In fact, me and all the kiddos are feeling under the weather. I'll be glad when this storm passes. It came on rather suddenly and I am pretty wiped out. I got about 4 hours of sleep last night because I was up and down during the night comforting my five year old and nursing my 9 month old. And as soon I went to lay down for a nap today, Joseph woke up. So, no nap for me. I'll have to try real hard to go to bed early tonight. That's hard to do - I am such a night owl.

So, here's my outfit today:

White tank top undershirt - Fruit of the Loom

Grey and Blue Striped T-shirt - Xhiliration (my latest garage sale find - only 50 cents!)

Jean Capris (size 11! yippee!) - SO Stretch

Silver Daisy Locket - H&M (my hubby got this for me as a little souveneir when he went to Washington DC for a prayer gathering - no pictures inside it yet. I've got to do that!)

And the best part of my outfit - my diamond wedding ring that I just recently discovered FITS! I pretty much haven't been able to wear it since I've had kids. It's been a long time! And now, that I've lost all this weight, I can wear it!! Yay! I love it SO much! And my hubby picked it out all by himself!

Have a great day! I have to run upstairs and get Joseph - there are 7 red dots lit up on my monitor! He's NOT happy!



  1. you're a hottie!! I love you! Thanks for chatting yesturday. We need to hang out when you feel better, friend.



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