Saturday, August 1, 2009

beautiful simplicity

(this is just a sample picture from my mother-in-law's computer, but it sure looks an awful lot like the gorgeous sunset i saw last night!!)

I only have a few minutes to write a little post (the computer in my in-law's house is in the nursery so it is usually occupied with a sleeping Joseph! Anyway, it's been a very fun and relaxing vacation so far. Lots of family time, good eating (thanks, Diane!), amazing thrifting adventures - the secondhand stores, antique shops, and "junk" shops have been incredible here in the deep south! And Clint and I even got to take a day trip away (with Joseph along for the ride - he did incredibly well)! We went shopping for wonderful antiques and vintage goodies, ate a delicious fish dinner and watched the most beautiful orangey-pink sunset on the hour drive home. It was wonderful.

Today, we drove to a little town in north Florida for my father-in-law's family reunion (he's from a family of ten children!). They get together every year on their late parent's wedding anniversary to honor them and spend family time. The kids had a blast playing at the pond where the picnic area was. Now, Clint's sister, Amy and her son, Tyler, are here with us for a couple days to visit. Tomorrow's church day at my in-law's small country church.

I've had a great time just enjoying the small town way of life and it's beautiful simplicity. It's been just what I've needed!

Have a blessed Sunday,


  1. miss you! so glad you're having a good time, friend. :-)

  2. that was jenn, by the way. :-) groovetrain is joel

  3. K. Barfield11:07 AM

    Lora - so glad you are doing so well! I've enjoyed "catching up" via your blog and I'm so proud of you! Hope to talk with you soon.
    Love, Kerri



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