Monday, July 27, 2009

self-portrait monday

Here I am all dressed up for my lunch date with my friend Allison (just the two of us - my hubby watched all the kiddos!!). I even washed my hair, blow-dried it(!), and put make up on - even eyeliner and mascara - can you believe that? haha.. It's amazing what you take for granted before you have kids.

Shirt by Mossimo (Target) - given to me by a friend
Pants by Nine and Co. (Nine West) - given to me by a friend
Hair Tie - given to me by a friend

Total Cost of outfit - FREE! (I didn't realize until I started doing these self portrait mondays how many of my clothes have been given to me! Wow - I have been really blessed! God does provide!)

Have a great Monday night!



  1. you look fantastic! I am wearing yesterday's makeup today--not too bad i guess!

    ps--how do you do that "you might also like..." at the ebd of each post? it's so cool!

    have a fun lunch!

  2. Girl I love it! I have been neglecting my blog and not reading anyone's but my husbands of late...but that all changed tonight. :) I blogged AND read yours. Yipee! love, hb



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