Monday, July 13, 2009

self portrait monday

inspired by my friend, Heather, I've decided to include a post every Monday called "self portrait monday" that shows what I'm wearing. She does it several times a week, but I confess I don't really have "outfits" on every day that are worth a picture! (most days, I'm still in my pajamas until lunchtime)... But I think I can handle one picture a week to show off my favorite clothes.

So here goes:

White Hair Band - Two for a dollar from flea market mall

Hooded Red Zip Up - M.K.M. DESIGNS (free at a garage sale)

Vintage Polyester Pantsuit - Handmade, bought at Goodwill about 15 years ago for about $4.00. It's one of my all time favorites - there's actually a collared jacket that matches, but that's a little too much retro goodness for doing housework. haha... I tried it on this morning and was so happy that it fits again.

Barefoot, as usual
Total cost of outfit - $4.50 - NOT BAD!
Can you tell I love a good bargain? haha...
Maybe doing this will motivate me to get dressed up in a cute outfit at least one day out of the week. :)
Have a great day, everyone!



  1. Lora you look AMAZING!!!

  2. do look amazing! Do you really have 4 children!!! You look amazing!



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