Friday, July 24, 2009

five things i love friday and etsypreneur interview part three

Check out the third part of my etsypreneur interview! Here's the link.

Have a great day!!

Oh, and here's five things I love this Friday

1. a full eight hours of interrupted sleep (that hasn't happened to me in a long time!)
2. lasagna (especially my mom's!)
3. home decorating before and after shows (right now, I've been watching a show called Deserving Design on Hulu. It is really good - they redo two rooms for people that have sacrificed lives to help the lives of others.)
4. the way God loves me, just as I am. I am so thankful for His acceptance!
5. going to the thrift store, all by myself!! (Maybe my hubby will watch the kiddos and let me go today!)


  1. Lora! I have just loved reading through your interviews, what an awesome blessing! Praise the Lord!

  2. mmm, lasagna!!!!! I look forward to MIL's every year for my bday, but I think she is doing a low-carb lunch for me since i've been "trying" to diet lately. Sniffle...

    And thank YOU so much for doing the interview! One more post to go, baby! You are an inspiration!



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