Saturday, July 25, 2009

day in review

Today has been a good day. I started out my morning by going to Weight Watchers to discover that I reached my goal today!!! I weighed in at 149.2. My goal was 150. I am so happy!! When I started Weight Watchers in December, I weighed 204 pounds. Wow!! I am so proud of myself! When I arrived home, I was greeted by hiding little boys and my sweet hubby and babies. They threw confetti and presented me with drawings and a congratulations sign. It was SO SWEET!! Thanks, honey!
Then, I went thrift shopping (my favorite thing!) and found the best treasures! I had Wendy's for lunch, which I normally don't indulge in, but figured today of all days, it was okay to treat myself.
The rest of my day is in the pictures below:

This is what I saw when I opened the front door. (See Benjamin in the closet?)

That's Leo hiding under his blankets!

My sweet hubby and babies waiting for me with confetti all over the floor.

Here I am posing with my big congratulations sign and drawings from my boys

Daddy tickling Leo. I LOVE this picture!

I found this out thrifting today. Isn't it amazing???!!! It's gonna be hard to get rid of this one!

Another vintage treasure from my outing today. It's reversible, too - the other side is avocado green! So 70s!!

My baby is crawling all over the place!! And he's FAST, too! Gotta baby proof quick!

Don't you just love him?
So, there's my day. Fun, huh?? And, be sure to check out the fourth and final interview I did for etsypreneur. Read it here.
Have a good night,


  1. Wow! COngrats on reaching goal! I got back to my "lifetime" but I still would like to lose a few more vanity pounds. Weight Watchers is so great! It's how I first started learning about eating healthy. So happy for you!

  2. proud of you, friend!
    keep that tablecloth. you have to. its amazing and consider it a congratulations present for yourself for making your goal! :-)


  3. Way to go girl!!! You look amazing!



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