Friday, June 5, 2009

pretty as a princess

Normally, my little girl hates to wear headbands. But, last night, Clint put this little dress up princess headband on her and she LOVED it! I had to force it off of her when I put her to bed. And this morning, she had me put it on again and has been wearing it all day. It is so adorable! When we put it on her last night, I took her to the bathroom mirror to show her how she looked. She gazed at her reflection with pure delight and kept saying "pretty" and "princess". Over and over again... I get teary just writing these words. Oh, how I pray that she will always think of herself as this. That she will always know how beautiful she is -inside and out. That she will always be confident of her worth and her value. That she will always know that she IS a princess, a daughter of the King!

And experiencing this with her has stirred up emotions in me as well. As a grown woman, I still struggle with the notion of beauty. I still look at my reflection and not always like what I see staring back at me. How I long to have that childlike innocence back and stare at myself with joy, saying "pretty" and "princess" over and over again! Lord, restore to me the confident assurance that You have created me in Your image. Remind me that that my worth and beauty come from You alone. Call me "princess" yet again.


  1. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Lora, you have always been our "pretty princess". Now here is another lovely girl. Our little Ruth is a beauty whom we love so much.

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