Tuesday, June 30, 2009

look what i found!

On my latest thrifting adventure, I found some amazing vintage goodies! Here's some pictures:

my favorite! a fabulous quilted bedspread from the sixties

a pair of handmade patchwork placemats with ruffles from the seventies

super-groovy woven mat complete with fringe
(or is it a placemat, or a hotpad, or a table runner?-
I can't be sure, but whatever it is, I love it!)
adorable set of handmade cloth napkins in a country kitchen / farm print

Have a blessed night, everyone! I am off to bed soon. I've got a dentist appointment first thing in the morning...


  1. Love your finds, Lora.
    Brings back memories for this old lady.

  2. Loverkins to you! Looking at all your pix makes me happy/sad. I miss you! Thinking about you...

  3. Hi Lora. Thanks for visiting my site. Four children -- you are so blessed. I love your pictures.



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