Tuesday, June 16, 2009

afternoon bag

It's wonderful when all four of my little ones decide to nap at the same time! Today, I took advantage of the quiet and made a little bag! This is a great 1-2 hour project that is simple and very rewarding (for all my fellow crafters out there!). I used a reversible quilted placemat that I picked up awhile back for the body of the purse and some pre-quilted fabric for the straps. It was relatively easy and turned out oh so cute! It's up in my shop now. Can't wait to see who gets this little beauty! Isn't the fabric gorgeous? I love it. I might just make another one for myself! (I've got another identical placemat left...)

Here's some photos:

Have a great evening!


  1. 1. Hi Lora!!!
    2. WHERE do you get your energy? How much coffee do you drink? If all four of my kids were sleeping, I would be too :)
    3. Is that you in the picture with the bag because you have lost soooo much weight. How awesome!!!
    4. You are going to the beach? Yaaaay!



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