Friday, May 8, 2009

I've lost thirteen bags of sugar



Weight Watchers Update:

My weight when I had Joseph on 11/1/08- 230 pounds

My current weight - 165 pounds

Yay!!! I am 65 pounds lighter. That's the equivalent of 13 five-pound bags of sugar. Thank you, God, for helping me lose the bulk of this baby weight that's accumulated over the past five years. I feel so much better and cuter! And I think my hubby likes the skinnier version of me, too! (But, the best part about him is that he liked the heavier version just as much)

Only 15 pounds to go! If I make it to that goal, I'm gonna try to lose another five more.

Just thought I'd share. I am feeling good about my body. What a great feeling!

Have a great Friday,



  1. amazing!! so proud of you my friend!! i think you are happier too! :)

  2. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Wow, Lora! What an encouragement you are to me!

    Love you,

  3. YEAH! So proud of you! I am totally doing weight watchers after I have Hannah, you totally inspire me!

  4. you look great - that's wonderful!!

  5. Wow, Lora, that is so impressive!

    And how in the world do you get your hair to grow so fast?! I cut mine short way before you did and you're is already way past mine! Not fair :)

  6. you're a hot momma. :-)

  7. Lora you look amazing, I am totally sold on doing weight watchers after I have my baby too! So happy for you! Hilary

  8. wow!!!!! that is awesome!

  9. You're an inspiration!!!! (esp given that I'm 4-mos preggers and feeling larger and in-charger every day...)

  10. Diane9:39 PM

    WOW Lora ! ! ! I have such admiration for your determination and commitment. You look great....just look at those skinny jeans ! ! ! Congratulations ! ! Love, Diane

  11. WOW laura! you look fantastic! you go girl! i know you must feel fantastic as well, what a feeling of accomplishment!

  12. WOW ~~ you look GREAT!!

  13. Brenda A. Lamont4:00 AM

    Hey Lora! I was one of the many visitors at Sooz & Ry's was sometime back in the end of March. Anyways...I was just checking out Sooz's blog and got connected with yours...and I'm just totally inspired by your story. I feel like being able to lose the weight seems almost impossible to me. Like it's something I will never attain. You should share your top 20 tricks/tips that helped you get to where you are. I just started WW online and I'm already feeling like it will never happen for me. Any encouragement?

  14. Charity2:39 PM

    Woohoo...Lora. You look awesome. I love reading about what all you are doing and seeing all your pics. Thanks for calling me the other day. Love you, friend.




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