Friday, May 29, 2009

the big glasses debate

Glasses #1 - Big, Black, and Rectangular
Glasses #2 - Slighty Smaller, Black/Brown, and More Rounded

Hi blogging friends-

I need your advice. I am trying to decide what to do about getting new glasses. I really love the pink ones I have now, but I need a new prescription, so I have to get new lenses. Should I just put new lenses in my existing frames? Or should I get all together new frames? (Money may be the final decision-maker in this situation anyway.. we'll see)

Here's me in the Target vision center tonight trying on my top two favorites. Which one do you like best? Or should I just stick with my pink ones? I don't know... Decisions. Decisions...
Why is change so hard?
I'm going to bed now...


  1. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Lora, I really like your pink frames. However, if that doesn't work out...I think the #2 frames fit your face better. They seem appearance and weight and your beautiful eyes are more visible in the #2 ones. To me, #1 seems more serious, heavy and dark.
    Love, Diane

  2. I like both, but the 2nd ones that are black/brown seem that they would match more things. Your beautiful!

  3. i like the second pair! i think they're more versatile :) but the first pair are really cool too! you look great in both of them.

  4. Anonymous8:26 AM

    I like the pink ones best. I think you look beautiful with lighter frames. My next choice would be the #2 black frames.


  5. pink is the best!! you really look cute in them and very stylish!

  6. i like #2. i think it does better with the shape of your face. very cute:)

  7. Pink is my favorite and then #2. Another thought-I got my last pair at Costco and they had some really good prices. (I have to shop around since we don't have vision insurance.) Don't know if you need a membership to buy there. I know you don't for regular prescriptions.

  8. Gladys9:25 PM

    2-cents from Singapore...I like #2 glasses better. They seemed less strict and gentler, giving your face a very gentle and soft look. Well one way I use to determine (i wear lasses too) is to brig my 1-yr old to the shop and have her pick out for me! I woudlnt want my gals to cry when they see me i my new glasses! :P

  9. I like #2 as well. They're really feminine *=* It would be great if they came in pink! Maybe you could have them enameled in pink!!



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