Friday, April 3, 2009

beauty in the forgotten

wrapped in brown parcel paper and put away in the bottom of a box.

hiding in the back of grandmama's linen closet.

at the end of a rack in a thrift shop.

the forgotten. once brand new.

once clutched tightly in someone's excited grip

now, brought back to life and ready to be made into something beautiful.

something warm and comforting, like a baby's first quilt.

just a piece of cloth, but how wonderful.

how sweet that God can use this simple piece of cloth

to remind me yet again that He has not forgotten me.

even when I feel forgotten,

put away on a shelf, misunderstood, alone.

He brings me out, dusts me off and washes me clean.

He makes me a NEW creation!

thank you, Lord, for ever reminding me of how good You are and how much You love me.

have a blessed weekend,


(happy news - there will be a fun giveaway this coming wednesday to celebrate the grand opening of a vintage fabric section in my etsy shop! - these photographs are of some of the new items that will be listed.)


  1. How beautiful Lora! You def. are not forgetten, but cherished. Love you!

  2. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Thank you for these beautiful insights into God's love for us. May He bless you and give you favor as you open the new section of your Etsy shop.


  3. i love this post. made me smile!!

  4. Well said!
    See you tonight...maybe...

  5. beautiful inspiration.....



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