Saturday, March 28, 2009

another man's treasure

It has been raining all week! Wow. I've never seen so many puddles in my yard. I am thankful for the rain - I know the flowers and plants are thankful! But, I really don't like the overcast skies... I can't wait for the sun to come out and start shining again.

Here's a few pictures of my three youngest during snack time the other day. They are getting so big!

here's a sweet face - i love this little guy

(action shot! - she's busy with her peanut butter toast...)

he's growing up so fast... sigh...

And here's a few sneak peek pictures of the vintage fabric that I am going to start selling on my etsy shop very soon. I am in the process now of washing, cutting, folding and grouping different fabrics together. It is very fun and relaxing for me. I put on a worship cd and pray for friends and family while I glide the rotary cutter along the cutting board and separate the fabric into pieces. The work is repetitive, but peaceful. When the kiddos are sleeping, I can focus on the beautiful floral designs of years ago. I can't wait to hear from future customers about all the new things they've created with these vintage fabrics!

spring is in the air and these fabrics prove it!

stacks of vintage goodness!

It's neat how the Lord leads us into new seasons. I've been praying about this fabric-selling venture for months. And now, it's finally about to begin! I am excited to see what He does with it!

I love to make new things out of old materials. I've always liked the term "one man's trash is another man's treasure". When I go to thrift shops, estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, etc., I love the feeling I get when I see a "treasure": something hiding away in a box on the floor, in a basket, or on a rack. Something that yells out to me, "Pick me! I've still got life left in me! I've still got a lot to offer the world!" So, I take it home and make something brand new out of it! It could be a bag that holds a child's newest finds at the libary, a new necklace out of discarded vintage beads, or a baby quilt for a precious newborn.
And the best part of all of this for me is the spiritual application. God loves to bring new life to things that are dead. I'm reminded of an old song by Crystal Lewis:

"He gives me beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for mourning, peace for despair..."

God sees our potential when the rest of the world has written us off. He sees the beauty in us, the strength in our weakness. He can make a "quilt" out of our lives using all the leftover "scraps" that we would think were just trash. God takes the mistakes we've made and turns them into good, and when the enemy thinks he has won, God holds up our beautiful quilt to show our triumph! Thank you, Lord, for your restoration power!

His banner over me is love!

"And God works all things together for good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

Just wanted to share what God's been doing in my life lately! I'm excited!
I'll be doing a vintage fabric giveaway next week to celebrate this new section of my shop. Check back in a few days for that!
Have a blessed weekend!



  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Lora, What beautiful thoughts and I love your analogy of God taking our "scraps" and creating something beautiful from them. It is such fun to create something with your hands. I remember making little dresses for Amy when she was just a tiny child. Sewing is such a rewarding and relaxing activity. I pray for God to give you more and more great ideas. Love, Diane

  2. HI Lora!!
    It was so nice to meet you tonight. I love your Wordless Wednesday posts. I might have to steal that idea. I can't wait to look around your Etsy shop.
    My pictures from Israel are here:
    I look forward to getting to know you better!!!
    Have a great week.

  3. this post made me smile! i love your kids and i love your crafty ideas. you're amazing! i will pray for you and your shop. :-)

  4. Lora! Your bundles look fabulous! Can't wait to see them in the shop! I will continue to be praying for you! The work is peaceful, isn't it!? Mandy



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