Friday, February 13, 2009

more pictures from Atlanta trip

Here's a few pictures of Joseph that my mom and I took on my visit to Atlanta. What a cutie!!

And here's my little princess! My mom had these dress up things in her toy box and Ruth had a ball putting on the tiara and jewels and holding her wand. She walked around like this for almost an hour. And she cried when we took them off. It was adorable. (Notice the plastic donut in her other hand. Apparently, in her kingdom, princesses are also donut-lovers! haha)

Have a great weekend, and Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. so cute!!!! your kids are growing up so fast. I see them regularly, but it seems like every time i see them, they've grown a foot. Love you girl!

  2. by the way, your etsy shop is looking great and all your items are so amazing! i hope millions of people go to your shop and buy everything and then some. :-)



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