Sunday, February 1, 2009

3 months old

Joseph is three months old today! Wow.. time flies. Overall, it's been a pretty smooth ride. The first month or so was rough, but he's mellowed out now and is a happy baby most of the time. Thank God for that! He's got a belly laugh that is contagious, a smile that melts your heart, and eyes bluer than the sky. I really do love this little boy! Thank you, God, for the blessing of children.

Here's a little photo shoot that I took of him today wearing his new big boy outfit (thanks, April!) and the fleece hat I made for him yesterday. It was the easiest hat ever to make. Just fold the fleece in half, sew up one side and the top. (The edges were already hemmed so I didn't need to hem the bottom.) Tie the top corners with little scraps to make the "ears". And you're done! I used a scarf I bought at Goodwill last week for a dollar. I've even got enough fleece left to make one or two more! Talk about a good deal...

Have a great Superbowl Sunday. Can you guess what my hubby will be doing tonight? Sounds like a good night for me to sew!



  1. Diane8:06 PM

    I cannot believe how big Joseph is getting to be ! ! ! He is SO cute...just look at that little mouth and that smile is precious.
    Thank you so much for sharing your photos with all of us. Love, Diane

  2. 3 months already? He is so adorable and looks so cute!
    I have to agree, children are a blessing from God and they bring so much joy!
    I love the hat, you are so talented!
    Hugs and kisses!

  3. aren't these baby pictures of clint!! he looks just like him!



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