Sunday, January 4, 2009


I just got back from church. My husband watched the kids (all 4 of them!) so I could go alone and spend some much needed time alone with the Lord in worship. It felt so good to let loose and dance around praising the Lord.

And, I am much more able now to actually dance now that I am losing weight. Thank you, Lord! Since I started Weight Watchers, I've lost about 8 pounds! (34 total since Joseph's birth) I feel so much better, and I think it shows! Today, at church, several people commented on how I look like I've lost weight. I can't tell you how good that feels! What motivation to keep going and not give in to temptation to eat badly! I bought two pair of button up pants yesterday. A fellow Weight Watcher gave me that tip. She said that if you wear zip up jeans instead of stretchy elastic waist pants, you will be less likely to over-eat. I think she's right. I purposely bought pants that were tight, too. I can't let it "all hang out" anymore in my maternity stretchy jeans!

My mind is full of new goals and resolutions that I want to accomplish this year. I will be making a list today hopefully. I read somewhere that you are much more likely to carry out a resolution if you write it down, so I'm gonna post a list in a day or two to hold me accountable. I am sure of the first one on the list though..

1. Draw closer to God. Spend more time with Him every day!

The others aren't nearly as important, but I am still gonna write them down.

Have a nice Sunday, blog-friends,

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