Saturday, December 6, 2008

saturday sleep in

I love my husband. This morning, he took the baby downstairs and let me sleep in till almost 10! I got to wake up on my own (which never happens - usually its a child who wakes me up) and take a leisurely shower. Ahhh... heaven.

Now, its 10:33 and I just had breakfast! Wow.. Speaking of food, I started Weight Watchers on Tuesday. So far, I've lost one pound! Yeah! Only about 50 more to go...oh my.. By the way, WW has a plan for nursing mothers, so my milk supply isn't affected at all.

My husband just left to go to a men's meeting at church. I am so glad he's getting to go. He's usually so busy with work that he rarely has time to do things like this for himself. I pray he has an awesome time!

I've been busy with the children, obviously, but I've also been busy with a little crafting. I've been making lots of jewelry. And I recently sewed up a bunch of little gift bags to tie with twine. They turned out so cute, and are a great alternative to buying gift bags, don't you think? I really want to sew some more things, like a quilt or a bag. I am definitely feeling "the itch". I just wish I had some more time to sit at my sewing table and sew. Oh well, Joseph will start sleeping more in his crib soon, and then I will have lots more time..

Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for reading my little blog.


Here's a cute picture of Joseph to make you smile. He's in the Bumbo seat (an amazing invention!) wearing the cutest little hat that my friend Heather made for him.

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  1. hey!! wanna got to a meeting together!?? would love to go with you!! call me!




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