Friday, November 7, 2008

fall days

thanks everyone for your prayers for joseph. his bilirubin levels did not go up and the doctor said today that he is not at all worried about joseph. so i don't have to take him back to the hospital anymore to have his bilirubin tested. praise God!

i drove joseph to the hospital and doctor's office today. it was really great to have some time alone today and to have some fresh air. joseph did really well in the car ride . he is so precious! i am in love with this little boy!

i am starting to feel a little more like myself today. i am so glad. i've been really out of it since the birth. just super tired and sore and out-of-balance emotionally and mentally. so hopefully, i am on the up and up now and headed to more normal days.

it is so beautiful outside! the leaves on the trees are such beautiful colors - deep reds, oranges, golds...

have a great weekend,

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