Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thanksgiving Offering Box

I found this great idea from the blog A Holy Experience. You take a canister like an oatmeal container (I used a hot chocolate canister) and cut a hole in the top plastic lid. Then, you decorate the outside with pretty paper. Put a verse on the top or side about giving thanks to the Lord(I used Psalm 107:1). Leave scratch paper and a pen next to it somewhere prominent in your house. Ideally, this is best if done all year long, but I started late. Better late than never! Get your whole family (and even houseguests) involved and write down little notes of things that you are thankful for throughout the year. Then, on Thanksgiving, take the lid off and go around and have a time of everyone reading all the thanksgiving offerings to the Lord! There's more specific instructions here.

I made it this morning and it already has three notes inside! It is really helping me to maintain a thankful heart. Try it! (and let me know if you do!)

Have a blessed Wednesday!



  1. Anonymous8:41 AM


    Your box is beautiful! You've inspired me to do the same thing. We just accept the blessings of the Lord in such an offhand manner. To be thankful is our sacrifice of praise to Him.


  2. great idea Lora!! love you much! good seeing you today!



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