Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Is it nesting if I feel a undeniable urge and need to clean the top of my refrigerator? I thought so... Well, this morning, I just HAD to clear off the top of the fridge and then wipe it clean with my favorite cleaner, Fabuloso (the purple one). And, I also got down on my hands and knees and mopped (i guess its not called "mopping" if you don't use a mop - whatever, y'all know what i mean..) my pantry and powder room floor. I feel so much better now... haha..

Here's me in my clean powder room showing you my belly shot at 38.5 weeks. Only 10 days till my due date! I didn't realize how big I actually was till I looked at this picture. Oh my gosh! This baby is definitely running out of room. And he/she is so active! Kicking me all the time. I know that he/she will be happy to have room to stretch out!

Have a great day,



  1. I am so excited for you guys! Can't wait for the news! The weather has been so nice I'm sure you are enjoying the cooler weather too. What a wonderful time of year to have a baby!

  2. My pantry could use a good 'mopping'. let me know when your next nesting urge comes and i'll get the Fabuloso out. :)
    your belly is beautiful and i can't wait to meet the beautiful creation that lives in there right now!

  3. Corina6:58 PM

    Wow Lora, this baby really wants more room :-) looks almost too big for your belly, this little boy or girl who's coming soon :-D

    btw, thank you SO much for the wonderful necklace you've sent me! i was so excited when i got the little package that i wore the necklace right then, the same day i got it ;-)
    i'm still trying to find some time to go to a bank and get you you're dollars... i'm sorry, it will come soon! :D

    well, wish you and your family very blessed last pregnancy-days till due date is coming!!!

    love and blessings,
    corina :-)



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