Friday, October 24, 2008

my doctors appointment

Well, I had my 41 week checkup today at the obgyn. It went well. Everything looks good. I am measuring kinda small (imagine that!), the baby's heartrate is great, and my blood pressure looks good, too. I have to have a non-stress test at the hospital on monday afternoon to make sure everything is looking good in the placenta, etc. Then, my midwife on call there will discuss how long they'll let me go until induction. Usually, that's no more than 2 weeks overdue (which would be nov. 1st for me).

Obviously, I don't want to be induced, so we are praying that I will go into labor on my own. And more specifically, I am praying that I will have this baby before Monday. Tonight would be fantastic! Especially considering Clint's work schedule and babysitter stuff... Please, Lord, bring this baby!

That's about it...
Have a great Friday night!


  1. I believe that He will! I had a similar situation where they doctors wanted to induce and then told me that my new due date was 2 weeks after my original due date. I went into labor 2 days later. Jesus knows! Love ya. I can't wait to see pictures of him/her!

  2. Hey Lora, We are praying for you...I have something for you...since I wasn't able to make it to you shower, Jake was out of town. Let us know when the baby comes...we would love to do a meal for you all...Blessings



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